Chair for: Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño

Designed and created by Esther Alamazan
Tucson, AZ

We wanted to catch the attention of people with the "WHY?" cutout pasted at the top o the chair display followed by "43 Students Missing" and at the bottom "Attorney Murdered." Then we provided teasers about the student -- his picture, etc., and about Digna, the attorney who was murdered after visiting Guerrero where the 43 students disappeared. Above the chair is a tree branch with quotes from a letter, Dream of Hope, written by his mother in which she describes a tree that he, Jorge and his siblings played in while describing her hope that he would return -- this to personalize Jorge and his life. At the bottom of the chair is information about Digna, both the woman and the play. Our chair is intended to inform people and encourage their curiosity to learn more by seeing the play, Digna.

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About this Artist

Paul Barby

Tucson, AZ
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1. Shortly after moving to Tucson in May, 2006 from Oklahoma, Paul Barby began volunteering with No More Deaths, the group that provides humanitarian care to undocumented people in the Desert, and retired in 2013 after transferring his financial/administrative duties to others. During his time in Tucson he has been active in theater work as well. Supporting Digna is a natural fit for him. 2. Esther Almazan was an Air Force brat, born in France, but her family is rooted in Ajo, AZ, so Tucson is home. She treasures art, music and theatre, which promote global justice and social change. She is proud to work with Paul to support Digna with this chair. She hopes Jorge's family is finding some small comfort in Digna remembering him in this way. The disappearance of this wonderful student is a great loss to our world.

Biography [English]

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño was nineteen years old when he with 42 other students “disappeared” September 26, 2014, from the Ayotzinapa Teachers' College in the city of Inguala, Guerrero, Mexico. Tizapa, as his mother called her middle son, had a baby daughter and loved children, wanting to teach them including his daughter so they could escape the poverty they were caught in. His mother has traveled to Brazil and Canada to meet with government officials seeking help to pressure the Mexican government to find and return her son and his comrades. His sister and two brothers remember him as being “strange,” meaning “unusual” with his determined personality to help others find better lives for themselves. His family continues to believe that he will return to them, even dreaming of his return.

Biografía [Español]

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño tenía diecinueve años cuando él y otros 42 estudiantes "desaparecieron" el 26 de septiembre de 2014, del Colegio de Maestros de Ayotzinapa en la ciudad de Inguala, Guerrero, México. Tizapa, como su madre llamaba a su hijo medio, tenía una hija pequeña y amaba a niños, queriendo enseñarles incluyendo a su hija para poder escapar de la pobreza en la que estaban atrapados. Su madre viajó a Brasil y Canadá para reunirse con funcionarios del gobierno que buscaban ayudar a presionar al gobierno mexicano para encontrar y devolver a su hijo y a sus compañeros. Su hermana y dos hermanos lo recuerdan como "extraño", lo que significa "fuera de lo común”" con su determinada personalidad para ayudar a otros encontrar una mejor vida para sí mismos. Su familia sigue creyendo que volverá a ellos, incluso soñando con su regreso.

The Chair's Location

Prescott College
530 S. Main
Tucson AZ US

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