Unfinished Work

Chair for: Israel Caballero Sanchez

Designed and created by Ron Pullins and Leslie Powell
Tucson, AZ

Our project was to celebrate the life of the student we have chosen, and I hope I have, but there was also an almost overwhelming sadness to the connection I felt with him. The sadness was the unfinished life he was leading, all that he might have come to be and all he might have contributed to us. The work is intended to convey the tragedy, the moment of course, the disappearance, but more than that the incompleteness of his life and his place in the world of us. Hopefully it draws us in a bit to want it done, to make it better, to complete the circle, and in so doing commemorate his incomplete life and our obligation to fill in his place in his absence.

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About this Artist

Ron Pullins

Tucson, AZ
Leslie and I moved to Tucson two years ago and love the community here and the sense of connectedness we find with the Latino community, indigenous peoples, and justice. This is a wonderful project and we are happy to have been a part of so many good, loving and caring people.

Biography [English]

Israel Caballero Sanchez

When we question people about Israel Caballero Sanchez, three adjectives are repeated as mantre: protector, caring and teaser. Protector because Israel waits outside, leaning against a lamppost to see his younger sister home. Protector because he flirts with his dance partner; sends messages, requests songs for her and provides her with drinks and snacks. Protector because he didn't hold his daughter just born, afraid of hurting her. 'She was very small,' he said. Caring because always anticipating needs of others and also for always saying 'thank you' and 'please'. This behavior made him the most popular waiter at the restaurant 'El Quetzal'. He worked there close to a year. Caring because he always has a smile for his oldest sister and the advice she showers over him. Caring because when asked why do you want to be in the army and soon after a teacher, the answer is always, 'I want to help my people'. A teaser because he and friends one day broke into the preportoria school and pulled out to the playing yard all the desks; they laughed and laughed. Israel was sick when he disappeared. He had the flu and fever and was home in bed that day. The night of September 26th, his classmates called him and asked him to join them. He didn't hesitate. Since then nothing is know of him and his 42 classmates. His family and friends miss him, his protective gaze, his caring and also his pranks. Text belongs to: campaña Marchando con letras (translated by Juan C Gallardo)

Biografía [Español]

Israel Caballero Sanchez

The Chair's Location

OLLI (Lifelong Learning Institute
First and Wetmore
Tucson AZ US

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