Soccer Star

Chair for: Alexander Mora Venancio

Designed and created by Paula McCloskey
Green Valley, AZ

Because the students were attending a college for education, I searched for a wooden school chair similar to one I used when I attended school. I attached two images of Alexander to the desk portion of the chair. The soccer ball themed backpack is hung from the back of the chair and represents his love for soccer and a way to carry the two books placed below the seat on the book shelf. The pillow displays the PUMAS college mascot and is a reminder of a dream he never achieved.

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About this Artist

Paula McCloskey

Green Valley, AZ
I am retired CEO who enjoys projects including those for our home and also to benefit our community. We were on a sailboat in Mexico when the students disappeared. It was big news and we followed the story. I was pleased to have an opportunity to dedicate a chair in honor of Alexander Mora Venancio.

Biography [English]

Alexander Mora Venancio

Alexander had a love for soccer. His dream was to one day play for the PUMAS of UNAM. His bio included a story about his soccer club, Deportivo Juventus Pericon. It sounds like he was a talented player and was loved and respected by his team mates. Relatives and friends say Alexander wished to be a teacher because of his commitment to helping but he never lost his dream of playing playing soccer with the Pumas. Alexander was 19 years old when he came to the school, Rural Isidro Burgos. He was doing well and was passing his tests. After a month at school, he returned to El Pericon to see his family and soccer friends during a patriotic holiday. The chair has a team photo of Alexander wearing the colors of Juventus Pericon soccer team. That was the last image of Alexander before he disappeared in September, 2014.

Biografía [Español]

Alexander Mora Venancio

The Chair's Location

Tucson AZ US

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