A Chair for Digna

Chair for: Digna Ochoa

Designed and created by Digna Theater
Tucson, AZ

I have learned so much participating in this project: recent and past history; geography; theater; actions. It is gratifying to work with over 60 Tucson artists constructing a tribute to Digna and to the 43 disappeared students. We must all act; we must not go to sleep.

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About this Artist

Pam Burris

Tucson, AZ
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Pam and Juan moved from Long Island to Tucson five years ago. Pam is a playwright and Juan is a retired theoretical physicist. They teach and take classes at UA OLLI among all sorts of other activities.

Biography [English]

Digna Ochoa

This chair honors Digna Ochoa, the character in Digna Theater's first play production. Digna Ochoa, a renowned Mexican human rights attorney, took on a number of high profile cases against the state defending the environment in the state of Guerrero and indigenous peoples in her home state of Veracruz. In her pursuit of truth and justice she challenged powerful governmental agencies. On October 19, 2001, she was found shot dead in her Mexico City office. Ochoa's death at the age of thirty-six was declared a suicide by Mexico City prosecutors, despite evidence pointing to foul-play, her receiving death threats and attempts on her life. In the one-woman play, Digna Ochoa returns from the dead to address an autience about the harrowing attacks she suffered in response to her defense of environmentalists by Mexican security forces. In light of the 43 disappeared students in Guerrero, she confronts the memory of her kidnapping, murder and suppression of dissent. Based on her life and struggles, the play explores resistance - its modalities and costs - and its essential transforming power.

Biografía [Español]

Digna Ochoa

The Chair's Location

Ward 6 Office
3202 East 1st Street
TUCSON AZ United Sta

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