Cesar's Chair

Chair for: Cesar Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez

Designed and created by Team Fowler-Lyons
Tucson, AZ

My co-artist, Patty Lyons, and I decided we wanted to create a memorial to Cesar that described all the positive characteristics about him and his life, a life that was tragically ended before it had hardly begun. We used the bright colors and the flower motifs because it enforced the many positive attributes about him-his interest in helping others, his love of family, his many outside interests, his intelligence. After his life had ended so abruptly and unjustly, amidst the tears there are sad and angry questions. Where is the Justice? Why did this happen? We posted these and other questions on various parts of the chair. We hope this will inspire more questions about what happened that day and why a busload of aspiring teachers disappeared.

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About this Artist

Trish Fowler

Tucson, AZ
I'm a native Tucsonan and a retired teacher. I feel it is important to be aware of social justice and civil rights issues. Through the Empty Chair Project we help raise awareness in these areas. My co-artist, Patty Lyons, a Tucson transplant from Indiana, loves living in the southwest. She's responsible for the terrific artistry of our chair. She too feels strongly about social justice issues.

Biography [English]

Cesar Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez

Cesar was a young, intelligent, enthusiastic student at the "Normal Rural Raul Isidro Burgos" teacher college in Ayotzinepa in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. He had previously studied to be a teacher assistant and during that time had worked with kindergarten students teaching them how to read. He knew he wanted to continue his studies and become a teacher. He made the difficult and serious decision to move away from his home community to pursue this dream. In doing so he had to give up his other interests in bull-riding and racing tubular cars as well as move far away from his family to whom he was very devoted. On Sept. 26, 2014 all of this changed for Cesar. He, along with 42 other students, were abducted on their way to Mexico City. The students were kidnapped from the bus they were riding. Human remains have been found by a river in Cocula, Guerrero from which two students have been identified. The whereabouts of the other students is unknown and they are presumed dead.

Biografía [Español]

Cesar Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez

The Chair's Location

Feb. 8 Pima Community College Downtown Library
1255 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson AZ US

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