El Churro

Chair for: Jesus Jovany Rodriguez Tlatempa

Designed and created by Ami Dalal, Victoria Barajas, Lindsay Loebig
Tucson, AZ

Jesus Jovany Rodriguez Tlatempa was known to his friends as Churro and to his family as Jova. This is why you will see these names on the piece. Jesus was from the state of Guerrero which has colored feathers on its flag. These plumage are incorporated on the bars of the seat. Also, from Guerrero is the music group, Son Itsmeno. In their version of the song, La Martiniana, they sing about not crying for them. For if you do, they will die, but if you sing instead, they shall live on. We found the lyrics to be fitting. The subtle hexagons represent Jesus's love for futbol and the star with the number 24 represents his birthday, Christmas Eve.

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About this Artist


Tucson, AZ
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Ami, Lindsay + Victoria are friends who share a passion for human rights and creative outlets. Originally from New York State, Ami relocated to Tucson to be closer to family. Ami is an artist + volunteers with Owl & Panther. Victoria was born in Jalpa, Zacatecas, Mexico but moved to Tucson as a youth. Victoria plays the piano and violin. Lindsay is a Tucson native and enjoys painting and drawing.

Biography [English]

Jesus Jovany Rodriguez Tlatempa

Jesús Jovany Rodríguez Tlatempa was born on December 24, in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, with a characteristic mole on the left side of the neck. He is the first of the three children of María Concepción Rodríguez Tlatempa and Alfonso Rodríguez. His family says to him affectionate Jova; His friends: the Churro, for his mole. With a few months of age, Jova had to move to the Federal District because his father got a job in the Navy. The family lived in San Lorenzo Tezonco until his father decided to leave the service. When she returned to Tixtla, Jova was seven years old and had to attend the second grade. His parents enrolled him in boarding school Adolfo Cienfuegos and Camus, in Chilapa, where they could only see him on weekends. There he attended all primary school. High school and high school made them in Tixtla. When their parents separated, Jova became the main support of his mother, his brothers and his niece. To continue helping his family, he decided that it was best to look for a school that did not represent a major expense. With that idea he reached the Normal of Ayotzinapa, where he would have a place to sleep, prepare it professionally and be close to his family. Jesús Jovany Rodríguez Tlatempa, the Churro, is, in the words of his colleagues and teachers, a punctual man, committed to work, who encourages his colleagues when he sees them falter. A man who gets up early to exercise, who likes to play soccer and who prays every night before going to sleep. Text belonging to the Marching with letters campaign

Biografía [Español]

Jesus Jovany Rodriguez Tlatempa

Jesús Jovany Rodríguez Tlatempa nació un 24 de diciembre, en Chilpancingo, Guerrero, con un característico lunar en la parte izquierda del cuello. Es el primero de los tres hijos de María Concepción Rodríguez Tlatempa y Alfonso Rodríguez. Su familia le dice de cariño Jova; sus amigos: el Churro, por su lunar. Con pocos meses de edad, Jova debió mudarse al Distrito Federal porque su padre consiguió trabajo en la Marina. La familia vivió en San Lorenzo Tezonco hasta que su padre decidió dejar el servicio. Cuando regresó a Tixtla, Jova tenía siete años y debía cursar el segundo de primaria. Sus padres lo inscribieron en el internado Adolfo Cienfuegos y Camus, en Chilapa, donde sólo podían verlo los fines de semana. Ahí cursó toda la primaria. La secundaria y la preparatoria las hizo en Tixtla. Cuando sus padres se separaron, Jova se convirtió en el principal apoyo de su madre, de sus hermanos y de su sobrina. Para seguir ayudando a su familia, decidió que lo mejor era buscar una escuela que no representara un gasto mayor. Con esa idea llegó a la Normal de Ayotzinapa, donde tendría un lugar donde dormir, lo prepararían profesionalmente y estaría cerca de su familia. Jesús Jovany Rodríguez Tlatempa, el Churro, es, en palabras de sus compañeros y maestros, un hombre puntual, comprometido con el trabajo, que alienta a sus compañeros cuando los ve flaquear. Un hombre que se levanta temprano para hacer ejercicio, al que le gusta jugar futbol y que reza cada noche antes de dormir.

The Chair's Location

Solar Culture Gallery
31 E. Toole
Tucson AZ US

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