On September 26, 2014 forty three undergraduates from a teachers' college in the Mexican state of Guerrero were "disappeared" by local police and drug gangs. Nothing has been heard of them since. 

After more than two years of government cover-up and the intervention of an independent international investigation, little more is known about the students' fate.  The apparent collusion between the local police and drug syndicates, and stonewalling by Mexican government officials at the local, state and federal levels, has made this incident a referendum on the presidency of president Peña Nieto.

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Chair for: Abelardo Vásquez Peniten

Designed and created by Grace Gámez


Digna Theater is a new theater company in Tucson that aims to intertwine art and human rights in a journey to enhance awareness and collective action. For the inaugural project Digna Theatre has chosen to highlight the plight of the 43 students. The Empty Chairs Project features the work of artists who have chosen one of the 43 students and interpreted their life, hopes and dreams through a chair -- tragically empty.

Each empty chair will be displayed in various public places during the month of February, along with the artist's notes to raise public awareness. All of the chairs will be united on February 23rd for the Digna Theatre's opening night and world premiere of Digna, by playwright Paricia Davis.

All during February new images of the chairs as they travel from place to place will be available here. Be sure to check back often to see the latest uploads. Better yet follow the link below to request an email alert when your favorite chair(s) are updated.